Etiquette & the Art de Vivre programs

Our Etiquette & the Art de Vivre program is composed of 4 different classes.

Good manners in everyday life class
(4 hours)

The Savoir-Vivre is to know how to live in the respect of good manners and how to manage the Savoir-Être with elegance. In principle, everyone strives to respect the customs and basic rules of courtesy, but do we really know them? In a multicultural environment, the French “international” etiquette is the one that refers to.

Through this program, French Etiquette teaches you all the good manners:

Take care of your presentation (clothing style, greetings, postures…), Savoir-Vivre (in restaurants, in transport, on the telephone, at work, at a reception, in travel, in your relationships…), Know how to communicate (voices, gestures, writing…).


Etiquette & the Art de Vivre in Paris class
(4 hours)

Opting for the Parisian style is not only for Parisian women, it is an Art de Vivre !
It is wanting to have fun with fashion by having boldness but always with taste, it is living by having fun, it is knowing how to receive, it is going out by taking advantage of what surrounds us, it is moving with chic and charm in all circumstances…

Through this program, we address many themes:

The Parisian style (its looks, its accessories, the “don’t”…), the choice of a style adapted to your morphology, the Art de Vivre (Savoir-Être, Savoir-Dire, the Art de la Table…) and the most great French brands (fashion, jewellery, beauty, home style, gastronomy…).


The green etiquette class
(3 hours)

We are not vegans, we like fashion, we take baths, we travel (not only travel by bike), we have not transformed our kitchen or bathroom into a warehouse for the manufacture of homemade products… But we want to be good people.
Good manners imply respect for oneself, for others, for nature and for the well-being of those around us.
So let’s add a dose of naturalness to our lives and see how, with a little common sense, and kindness we can further improve our Savoir-Vivre by putting green in our etiquette.

Among the topics discussed, the green etiquette through:

Your diet, your well-being, the composition of your dressing room, the management of your waste and your energy consumption, your lifestyle at home, at work, on the move….


Etiquette and body language class
(3 hours)

Since we are not always aware of non-verbal communication, body language is often more honest than a long speech.
The brain controls all behaviours, whether conscious or unconscious.
Knowing body language expressions will help you to better perceive the behaviour of your interlocutor, analyze a situation and adjust your strategy to: understand a situation, conclude a negotiation, adapt your management strategy, detect the emotions of an undecided or upset customer, detect a crisis situation…

Among the topics covered:

We teach you to decipher a behaviour through body language expressions (face, bust, hands, arms, legs, feet…) and give you the keys to their interpretation to perfect your approach.


Take control of your image and stay tuned for the upcoming events of French Etiquette.