Etiquette in the High-end & Luxury segment

The areas in which luxury companies operate are important: Jewellery, fine watchmaking, silversmithing, Art de la Table, perfumes, haute couture, luxury hotels, gastronomy, beauty, prestigious real estate, pleasure boats and exceptional vehicles…

The major French companies such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Hermès, Dior, Céline, Saint Laurent, L’Oréal, Lancôme, Guerlain, Cartier, Chaumet,
Van Cleef & Arpels, Christofle, Ducasse, Robuchon, Ladurée… are inspired by the “French Etiquette” and shine throughout the world.

French Etiquette proposes you some dedicated offers to this universe.
Our Etiquette in the high-end & Luxury segment program is composed of 4 different classes.
You can complete your knowledge of the etiquette by subscribing to our offer “Etiquette & Body Language”, which is also a very important and subtil component of the luxury attitude.

Excellence in customer service and customer management (4 hours)

In the luxury sector, relational elegance combines Savoir-Vivre, aesthetics and ethics.
With the rules of etiquette, it is a question of honoring the one we receive, of perfecting the moment of this encounter through the physical and emotional space that is offered to us.
The elegance of the gesture, the chosen word, the delicacy of the attention, the discretion, the availability, the treasures of politeness and the perfect personalization compose a subtle balance between the staff and the customer.

You work in a luxury hotel, a gourmet restaurant, a SPA, a luxury boutique… this session will help you to perfect your customer relationship.
If you want to work in luxury or position your establishment in the luxury sector, this session will help you to understand its requirements.

Among the topics covered:

The components of luxury, clothing etiquette – gestural and verbal, customer management (virtual and physical), managing with efficiency and elegance…


The etiquette and the Savoir-Dire
(3 hours)

We are constantly working to improve a company’s image through marketing campaigns, product packaging, shop design, clothing…
Unfortunately, this can very quickly be ruined by inappropriate verbal exchange, poor vocabulary choice, a derogatory tone, an inappropriate polite formula…
Despite the beauty of the place and the expertise of an establishment, the client may then only remember the unfortunate behaviour of the person who welcomed him.
We train you in verbal elegance, which must be accompanied by an equally elegant gestural and attitude. The transmission of emotion is more through words and gestures than through technique.

Among the topics covered:

The ability to speak on the phone or at the reception, the service and support provided to the customer, the implementation of the sales protocol and in management.


Professional etiquette and luxury - Selling -
(4 hours)

Most of the famous companies are now positioning the sales force at the heart of the company’s strategy because, beyond product quality and marketing investments, it is the customer advisor who is the first and main link between the customer and the brand.

Advisor training ensures that your clients’ experiences reflect your brand image and allows you to adapt the image strategy to the client’s expectations.

French Etiquette gives you the keys to know how to sell in luxury.

Among the topics covered:

Who are the luxury customers and how to satisfy them?
What are the qualities required by a luxury ambassador?
How to create and maintain the link between the brand, employees and customers?
How to treat each step of the sale in compliance with the rules of the Etiquette?


Professional etiquette and luxury - Manager -
(3 hours)

The first contact, decisive in luxury, of a customer entering the door or contacting your establishment is an advisor.
There are effective management tools based in particular on emotion to strengthen the link between teams and the brand they represent.
French Etiquette gives you the keys to know how to manage in luxury.

Among the topics covered:

Understand what drives your sales force?
How can you strengthen the motivation, attachment and links between your teams, the brand and its intermediate representatives?
What are the management tools in luxury?
What are the criteria for recruitment in the luxury sector?


Take control of your image and stay tuned for the upcoming events of French Etiquette.