The Etiquette, our DNA

French Savoir-Vivre and the culture of etiquette have been part of our DNA since the 17th century, it is our expertise. France is an international reference for its taste for the Art de la Table, gastronomy, aesthetics, refinement or elegance and the French have always cultivated this Art de Vivre.

The best neighbourhood establishments and the most famous companies are inspired by the “French Etiquette” and shine throughout the world. Why not you?

The Founder

« I am French, settled in Singapore since a few years, with my husband and my 3 daughters. I am immersed in this French culture and I am very proud of what it represents.

My personal and professional adventures have allowed me to travel in a good part of the world, to participate in sumptuous dinners and others less remarkable, to stay in the most beautiful palaces or in establishments that have only « hotel » per name, to experience the customer relationships of artisans and the greatest compagnies through my passion for fashion, to meet personalities from very diverse cultures and more or less well imbued with that of etiquette…
But of all these experiences, what I remember is not the quality of a very comfortable mattress, the finesse of a table service, the origin of a wonderful bar net or the incredible know-how of the jeweller who signed the rings of our wedding; what made me dream is the enchantment that takes us right from the beginning, the choice of words, the accuracy of the voice and the delicacy of the attentions that keep surprising us.

The culture of high-performance sport, which marked my youth, has also made me aware of the human values to which I am deeply attached, in particular respect.

Finally, with more than 20 years of professional experience in business (human resources, management, marketing, sales management…), I have acquired a solid knowledge of internal human relations and company experts.

Impregnated with the richness of this culture and these values, it is quite naturally through the etiquette that I wanted to transmit my experience so that the enchantment radiates.»

Nadège Mariani – Founder & CEO of French Etiquette 

Our expertise at your service

Thanks to French Etiquette, you will master all the basics of good manners to use in a personal and professional environment.
This knowledge base will make you more confident, cultivated, endearing and comfortable with demanding contacts in all circumstances.

Our culture of the French etiquette, combined with our experience, allows us to accompany you in learning the etiquette, you will be surprised to see the immediate effects on your teams, your customers, or your entourage.

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You won't have the opportunity to make a good first impression twice.

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