Art de vivre

What is "Etiquette" and "Art of living"?

The notion of etiquette is of French origin and results from the practices at the court of King Louis XIV of France. Etiquette is a set of rules, social norms, called “good manners” that govern our life in society.

France is an international reference for its taste for the Art de la Table, gastronomy, aesthetics, refinement or elegance and the French have always cultivated this art of living, this Savoir-Vivre.

What does French Etiquette offer?

Through a choice of programs, French Etiquette gives you the keys to the Art de Vivre and Savoir-Vivre.

Do you want to improve your skills in your everyday life (in restaurants, in transport, on the phone, at work, at a reception, in travel…)?

Would you like to feel perfectly comfortable with the conveniences and receive your relationships by mastering the art of the table?

Do you appreciate French culture and would you like to know more about our heritage or traditions?

Why choose French Etiquette?

French Savoir-Vivre and the culture of etiquette are our DNA, our expertise.

We are French, based in Singapore and have 40 years of professional and personal experience in human relations. Our culture of the French etiquette combined with our experience allows us to support you with relevance in your personal project.

We teach how to be more confident in every situation.

Thanks to French Etiquette, you will master all the basics of Savoir-Vivre and the Art de Vivre. This knowledge base will make you more confident, more knowledgeable, more comfortable in dealing with a variety of people and in all everyday situations. As a result, you will naturally be more attentive, more caring and enchanting.

Our "Art de Vivre" Programs

Good manners in everyday life, the etiquette & the Art de Vivre in Paris, the green etiquette and Etiquette & body language.

The art of entertaining and etiquette at the table, the etiquette in the restaurant and the history of the art de la table. We propose also a special « helper offer » to learn how receive in French style.


The most famous monuments of Paris, the French sites classified as UNESCO World Heritage Sites, French superstitions …

Book also our Special Events & Workshops

Discover the French culture and French know-how thanks to our workshops.

Discover the French culture and French know-how with our exclusive packages in partnership with French expertise’s professionals (chef, pastry chef, sommelier, beautician, dance teacher, coach…). You will learn how to prepare croissants, recognize the aromas of the wines, make an elegant bouquet, put make-up on in all circumstances, get a French look… We regularly update our workshop program, check the calendar!

Take control of your image and stay tuned for the upcoming events of French Etiquette.