Terms and Conditions

Article 1: Purpose - Conditions of the service

The description, price, location, duration and date of the service are described in the offer proposed when it is put up for sale.
The order of a service implies acceptance of its conditions of execution at the time of payment.

French Etiquette reserves the right to modify the planning and content of an offer before it takes place or if circumstances so require.
Any modification will be notified to the buyer or beneficiary before the date scheduled for the service or in the context of its completion if circumstances so require.
If a substantial change in price, date or content is not acceptable to the beneficiary, he/she may request a refund.
The refund of the order will be made within 30 working days from the acceptance of the cancellation request.

Article 2: Booking & Ordering Conditions

The reservation of a service is effective and definitive as from the placing of the order, materialized by the payment of the order.
Any reservation option requested for a service will not bind neither the French Etiquette, nor the buyer or the beneficiary, until payment has been made.
Any order implies the acceptance of the Terms & Conditions of French Etiquette.

When the service is provided, the beneficiary will be asked for an identity document to prove his or her identity. Identity theft may be prosecuted.

Article 3: Terms of payment

Payment for each service order must be made at the same time as the reservation of a service. Payment is equivalent to an order and an effective reservation. Payments are made in full, in SG$, taxes are included. Booking and payment can be made at your choice:

Online at www.french-etiquette.com by VISA, Paypal or bank transfer.

Directly at our offices, by cheque or cash, by appointment.

Bank details to make a transfer :
To Be French account number : 713127256001
OCBC Bank Code: 7339
OCBC Branch Code : 713
OCBC Bank Swift Code: OCBCSGSG

Any payment made by an NSF cheque will be prosecuted.
Any payment made fraudulently will be prosecuted.

To book a service, or make a payment by bank transfer or at our offices, contact our teams by email at welcome@french-etiquette.com.

Article 4: Cancellation conditions

Any order placed is final, not cancellable and not refundable
The order of a non-personalized “catalogue” service can be modified at the latest 7 days before the planned date.
The order is not nominative, it is therefore transferable.

Any order paid for a service not performed on the due date, without having contacted us at least 7 days in advance, will not be refunded.

Contact for the modification request welcome@french-etiquette.com or contact form.

For personalised or tailor-made services, the specific general terms and conditions of sale agreed at the time of order will apply.

Article 5: Rules of Procedure

Correct dress and compliance with health and safety conditions are required for any participation in the services offered by French Etiquette.
Any behaviour deemed inappropriate towards furniture, staff, customers, partners or any other person may result in exclusion without compensation and prosecution.

Article 6: Liability

French Etiquette is not liable for any damage, accidents or injuries suffered in the course of its activities, nor for any loss, theft or damage committed on its premises or those of its partners.

Article 7: Obligation of non-disclosure

Each customer participating in a service offered by French Etiquette formally undertakes not to record and/or disclose the information it has collected. The content of French Etiquette’s services is the property of French Etiquette. Failure to comply with this non-disclosure obligation will be subject to prosecution.