Business Etiquette

What is the "business etiquette"?

The French style etiquette is a worldwide reference, including in the professional world.
Business is a story of men and women, who individually and collectively convey an image, generate empathy, respect, professionalism, and spread messages that influence their relationships and successes.

The best neighbourhood establishments and the most famous compagnies are inspired by the “French Etiquette” and shine throughout the world. The “business etiquette” teaches you the rules and the keys to their success.

How are the business etiquette training sessions going?

We give you the keys to the Art de Vivre and Savoir-Vivre.

The training courses offered are followed alone or in groups, and are customized according to your sector of activity, your brand standards, your needs or the needs of your teams and your objectives.
The training sessions take place on our premises or those of your company.

The management of demanding customers, the follow-up of key accounts, the organization of business lunches, the sale and management in luxury, the etiquette in the company…
You will learn all the codes and then benefit from a level of excellence in your professional relationships. As managers and executives, we train your teams from the recruitment stage and support you by monitoring the proper application of the standards we have built.

Why choose French Etiquette?

French Savoir-Vivre and the culture of etiquette are our DNA, our expertise.

We are French, based in Singapore and have 20 years of experience in BtoB and BtoC, serving demanding customers in all sectors. Our culture of French etiquette combined with our experience in the corporate world allows us to support you with relevance in your professional project.

Give us the keys to manage your business etiquette and be focused on your expertise

Trained by French Etiquette, you will master all the basics of Savoir-Vivre and Savoir-Être to be used in a professional environment. This knowledge base will make you more confident, more knowledgeable, more professional and more comfortable in dealing with demanding people. As a result, you will naturally be more attentive, more discerning and therefore more efficient.

Our "Business Etiquette" Programs

The rules of etiquette in the company, etiquette and Savoir-Dire, etiquette and body language.

Custom etiquette repository, welcome offer for each new employee, training offer to maintain the level of requirements, pre-recruitment evaluation, mystery customer offer.

The etiquette & business lunch, the etiquette of the catering professional and Hospitality industry.

Excellence of the professional luxury etiquette in customer service, customer management and luxury management.

Take control of your image and stay tuned for the upcoming events of French Etiquette.