Carnival and Mardi Gras, choosing the right disguise (episode 2)

Choosing the right disguise

Check with your closest friends to find out which costume they intend to choose and, since you are doing it early, they should not decide yet. You will therefore be able to freely choose the one of your choice without having to exclude those they would have chosen, and preferably by finding an idea different from the one they had in the last 5 years.

Get the opportunity of sales periods, especially after Halloween, to take advantage of offers on costumes. If you travel, take advantage of one of your trips to find less common costumes and thus put all the chances on your side not to be copied. Like at a dinner party, there’s nothing worse than seeing two pretty women wearing the same dress!

To get to the carnival site, remember to wear comfortable shoes and choose a suit that allows you to move with a minimum of dignity, limiting the risk of excessive sweating, equipped with buttons and other reliable fasteners (because it would be stupid to end up underpants down!)…

Plan a make-up that doesn’t flow if you don’t want to look like a rueful Pierrot! And finally… coordinate with your friends so that you don’t arrive at the Carnival alone in this outfit, it will save you a great moment of solitude.











Tell us about your carnival experiences (good and bad), the carnivals you recommend or your suggestions for activities?
We are looking forward to your stories and comments !

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