Carnival and Mardi Gras, respect the basic rules of politeness and courtesy (episode 3)

Respect the basic rules of politeness and courtesy

Your disguise allows you almost everything but does not invite you to commit incivilities.


  • If your disguise is embarrassing, be careful not to rush others when you move abruptly
  • Even during the carnival, no one points a finger, although it is tempting to point out the most grotesque of us!
  • Don’t shout in your neighbour’s ears even if you see the King of Carnival coming up.
  • Don’t throw cotillions and other firecrackers at innocent passers-by, think of the fragile hearts of the elderly…
  • Park your car in the areas provided for this purpose (you were told to wear comfortable shoes)
  • Plan one or two bottles of water and cardboard glasses to offer some to those who have been less farsighted than you
  • As the tanks pass by, leave the best view to the children or fragile people, and do not trample them, it would be a shame
  • At snack time, despite the discomfort of your appearance, eat cleanly and avoid choosing delicacies that are impossible to eat without getting stained! Forget about crepes with flowing Nutella, doughnuts in sauce or other triple scoop ice creams! In short… limit the challenges.
  • At the end of the event, follow the travel and safety instructions
  • Bring a change of clothes so as not to shock passengers on public transport and make a fool of yourself, especially on a crowded bus

Tell us about your carnival experiences (good and bad), the carnivals you recommend or your suggestions for activities?
We are looking forward to your stories and comments!

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