Our advice for celebrating April Fool’s Day in compliance with the label (episode 2)

This tradition, which was originally a festive one, sometimes takes turns that seem cruel to us.

Also, never turn someone to ridicule. From laughter to mockery and humiliation, there is only one step. We are not all equal in the face of laughter, some of the most fragile can have a very bad experience of being staged against their will.
If you have to make a hoax, make sure that the jokes don’t get too big, that the rumours remain light and funny, and that their inconsistency is quickly revealed.
Of course, on this April 1st day, stay on your guard against the news, without being paranoid, avoid being the turkey of the joke!

Take advantage of this April 1st tradition to let your imagination run wild by celebrating it differently, in fun and play but without mockery!

1.Some activities for children:

  • In the kitchen, let your creativity run wild by making, for example, your puff pastry or biscuits in the shape of fish.
  • Organize a small fish fishing for children: use branches as a fishing rod, make small cardboard fish by hanging a paper clip on it and you’re done!
  • For those who are lucky enough to have a swimming pool or even a bathtub for the little ones, ballast small objects that your children will be happy to fetch from the bottom of the water
  • Print fish and siren colorings, look for pretty nursery rhymes, pull out your DVDs of Dory or Nemo
  • And if your children are not the type to have a nervous breakdown when they are upset, organize a chocolate fish hunt in the house or garden! And of course… don’t hide anything there! Of course, plan a small stock of sweets to reward them for their real research for false discoveries 😉

2. Some nice and brief jokes for the older ones:

  • Replace the batteries in the remote control with a small paper fish
  • Disconnect the keyboard and mouse from the computer,
  • Draw mustaches for your child while he or she is sleeping… He or she will not come back the next day!
  • To entertain your children’s most chubby children, install bubble wrap hidden under the tablecloth of the dining table.
  • Stick a small coin on a sidewalk and watch whoever tries to take it off in vain, or tie a ticket with a fishing line and pull it when a passer-by wants to pick it up.
  • Change the time of the clocks at home, making sure that the consequences are only laughable
  • Or just tell your partner that your mother is coming in a week and will stay home for a month, it should have an effect!

Tell us about your « Poisson d’Avril » experiences (good and bad), or your suggestions for activities? We are looking forward to your stories and comments !

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